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Our Herd​

Why horses?

TROT’s horse partners have been carefully selected for their movement quality and even temperament, and they enter our program only after extensive training. The horse provides ample opportunities for the client to experience movement and sensory input, and that combination can produce powerful results in improved physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

The horse moves in a rhythmic, symmetrical, and organized way. Each step the horse takes provides strong sensory and physical input in many dimensions including up and down, side to side, and back and forth. By asking for variations in these movements the therapist or instructor gains results that cannot be achieved by a machine or duplicated in a clinic setting.

The warmth, touch, sight, and sound of the horse and the outdoor ranch environment allow our clients to reach their goals and have fun at the same time.

Carmella TROT Horse


Carmela is a Halflinger mare who is a staple in our therapeutic riding program. This versatile pony is best known for her good looks and smooth gaits. In her free time, she enjoys snacking on grass and hanging out with her pasture mates.

Dixie TROT Horse


Dixie is a very loving and kind Quarter Horse mare. She takes special care of some of our youngest and most delicate riders. Dixie always seems to know what her riders need as she moves around the arena nice and steady, focusing on each and every step she takes. She is truly a splendid example of horses know best!

Fiesta TROT Horse


Fiesta is a handsome, athletic Paint/Quarter Horse gelding who loves being a part of our therapeutic riding program. Fiesta is the first to greet you with a sweet nicker on your way down to the barn. In his spare time, Fiesta loves to spend time on the green pastures with his friends.

Fish a TROT Horse


Fish is a dynamic and attentive Welsh pony gelding. In his previous career, he was a hunter/jumper and loves the more relaxed atmosphere here at TROT. Fish would be any child’s dream pony and we are excited to have him as part of our team!

Ringo TROT Horse


Ringo is a long time herd member here at TROT and a well seasoned therapeutic riding horse. He is a grey Quarter Horse gelding. Ringo has an amazing trot for all our riders and has helped transform some of the most wiggly participants into riders with a quiet seat and proper posture. From the drill team with big flags around him to riding out on the trail, nothing seems to faze this reliable veteran.

Roxy TROT Horse


Roxy is a sweet Percheron mare. Roxy is a part of our Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy program and very nurturing. She is an excellent listener and is always up for a good grooming session.

Rune TROT Horse


Rune is a Fjord gelding who is a fantastic independent riding horse. He excels at teaching people to be confident, determined, and clear in the use of their aids. He is an excellent independent riding horse and his playful personality will have you smiling.

Sir Lawrence TROT Horse

Sir Lawrence

Sir Lawrence is a Quarter Horse gelding and came to TROT in 2019 as a donation from the Levey Foundation here in Tucson. With his shiny bay coat, everyone is sure to notice him! Sir Lawrence is as loving as he is handsome. He is quick to greet you at the gate, eager to please, and if you scratch just behind his right ear, you will surely make a new friend for life.

Skittles TROT Horse


Skittles is a multi-talented Paint/Draft gelding. Skittles is part of all our programs here at TROT and works with students of all ages and abilities. He is very playful and even knows a few tricks. If you look closely, you can see his handlebar mustache.

Sparky TROT horse


Sparky is a Shetland pony who is a true TROT veteran! Sparky is a perfect gentleman, he even knows how to open the gates for his friends. He works in our Therapeutic Riding program and Equine Assisted Learning programs and is a great teacher for any student.

Tonka TROT Horse


Tonka came to TROT in 2020 and will start classes in the fall. With his sweet disposition and willingness to work, we are sure he will be a great fit in our program. Tonka loves to let his tongue hang out, making his smile even more adorable.

Sponsor One Of Our Horses

It takes a lot to care for our horses. Did you know that the care and feeding of our horses at Therapeutic Riding of Tucson is one of the organization’s largest expense? On average, it costs over $5,000 a year per horse to cover basic needs like hay, grain, vet, and farrier visits.

Be one of our horse’s “BEST BUDDY”!

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